Awareness at your fingertips
My sculptures are three-dimensional messages to my fellow humans. Sometimes, I need weeks or months to create a single piece of art. One will still be able to read my art-messages in a thousand years; this slow but everlasting means of communication inherently does not fit in to our hectic, fleeting computer age. I, as an artist, am concerned with the way people communicate with each other these days. The iStone is my artistic answer to the contemporary fast pace and the “mega-trend” of connectivity. Together with my family, I live and work in a farmhouse, surrounded by fruit trees, animals, a garden, fields, and woods — a paradisal oasis with internet access and plenty of room for creativity.

Horst Bohnet
Chriechenbaumstrasse 1
CH-8107 Buchs ZH
+4144 840 01 04
Horst Bohnet - Sculptor