iStone - Treat yourself to a piece of Stone Age
There are more cell phones than toothbrushes in the world. These mobile masterpieces of the technological age are everywhere and ever-present. Thanks to them we are always reachable and we can connect to the rest of the world. However, as we restlessly broadcast our digital messages and artificial pleasantries, we forget to smile at our neighbours, to lend an ear to the people closest to us, to pay them any attention at all. Constant interruptions from inane virtual messages drive away what’s most important in life: true friendships and moments for ourselves.

We’re online all the time and have no time to power down and enjoy the silence. While we are enslaved by digital media and driven by a pace of life too fast to keep up with, time and quiet are new luxuries. To be offline will become a new status symbol, the iStone a tangible display of it. The iStone comes pre-loaded with energy that was stored in the depths of our earth for millions of years. This high-quality, no-frills handcrafted stone phone requires no updates or downloads. It’s cutting edge, radiation-free, tap-proof, and satisfies with its simple user’s manual: Log out, power down, and enjoy stONeline moments.

This smARTphone is for all those searching for balance in our fast-paced, complex, and highly regulated world. It’s not only for workaholics, internet addicts, or the burnout-prone. It’s for all who strive for independence and genuine experiences. For all who find themselves wasting time in the virtual world while their real life passes by. For all who are disturbed by their fellow humans who are closer to their smartphones than to the people next to them. The iStone is a statement for slowing down and fostering a conscious offline culture.